pynki616 (pynki616) wrote in menstrual_cups,

reminded just how much i love my cup...

so this past weekend, i went up north to my in-laws like we do pretty much every weekend during hunting season. i KNEW my period would be starting, cuz i was halfway through that week of pills, but i FORGOT MY CUP. and it's an hour drive, so no turning around to get it. i was stuck with the couple of tampons and pads i had left over in my backpack from pre-cup days, and whatever i could borrow from my bro-in-laws girlfriend. i can't use tampons very well, which i discovered from my cup research is probably because of my low cervix. i end up pushing them up too far, and they leak, so when i remove them they're only half-used, basically. and they're just uncomfortable. i can't stand the feeling of pads, they just kinda irritate me. so i muddled through the day and a half of those products, and right when we got home got my cup. SOOOOOO much better for me!! so there's my little story, which really doesn't have much of a point except to share the love. i think my husband is sick of hearing about my cup, so i just had to share with some people who get it! :)

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