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Newbie to the site and to menstrual cups.......

Hello Everyone :-)

Im new here. Ive been lurking on the boards for a couple of months now and really appreciate all the effort that goes into providing the community with lots of valuable information. I have learnt so much already!!
First things first, I am a big believer in preserving the place that we live in and try to be as eco friendly as possible to do my little bit. In the summer I saw an ad about menstrual cups and i was immediatley intregued to find out more so i hit google. I love the idea of the cup, that its reusable, cuts down on waste and spending and also that its healthier for me! What more could a girl ask for?!!!

I think i have narrowed it down to a couple of cups, but im really after some advice from the pros (thank goodness for this site). I have no idea which to choose over for the best fit or if there are any other brands, sizes etc people could suggest. Im currently saving to go back to university so i dont have a lot of spare cash at the mo, so ideally would like to invest in a cup that hopefully will be of a good enough fit that i could use it fairly comfortably without many problems.

A little about myself.....i am also falling into the (older virgin) category. I am 26 y/o. I am fairly active, i have a busy, on your feet running about all day job. I also spend alot of time outdoors walking, which is why i would love to be able to use the cup, i hate pads and the way they feel and feeling the blood come out when you're stood up in a meeting full of people is just awful. I always fear i will leak :-(  I have tried with tampons in the past but they just hurt me and irritate me for days. Besides im not too comfortable about putting something with chemicals and bleach inside of me or the thought of it expanding, drying me out and getting stuck. Ahhh! I am fairly comfortable with my body and dont mind discussing it....leading me to recently find out that none of my female friends have even heard of the cup and many are freaked out by it when i tell them about it. Hence why i ended up here on this lovely site :-)

Anyhow, my periods are misbehaving recently and becoming some what irregular, and i am never sure when they will start whether it be a 27-35 day cycle. Another plus for the cup that i can just pop it in when i am expecting to start my period and not get caught out! They arent as heavy as they used to be (thank goodness). They tend to last 3-5 days with moderate bleeding on days 1-2 (and sometimes stop for a day and start again). Though blood that spreads on pads always looks more in quantity than it actually is. I am thinking with this and that ive not had intercourse that i could use a smaller cup, in width, but perhaps go for one with a bit more capacity, this way it could work with my cycle if it changes again? Im not sure. I have been drawn to the lunette small since finding out about the cups, though i had also considered the meluna. One thing that scares me, i know you cant loose the cup inside you, but as i cant feel my cervix im not sure if to go for a longer lunette one to be on the safe side, as knowing me i would panic if i had to have a good old rummage in there to find the meluna if it had moved up! Anyone who has a high cervix or average, does the lunette small sit not too far in from the vaginas enterance?

I have recently been for my smear (another story, very painful and didnt complete, but the nurse tore my hymen - yay!) she did use the smallest speculum (paedriatic) and said she could see my hymen. With that in mind, would i take it that my cervix is low or normal? I have small hands and fingers, so that could add to why i cant reach it..........

Oh one more thing, ideally i would love to find a fairly soft cup too (for my first) but one that will hold its shape or pop open easily enough whilst i'm learning. Would the lunette small cover this also?

Sorry for all the questions......

Thanks in advance for anyone who replies.

Tags: cervix position, first time use, lunette

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