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Insertion Pain

Hi again. I have been using the diva cup with most success for 9 months. I have read up and followed the suggestions for insertion success and it has helped a lot. Now I realize my inserting trouble is still mostly from my hymen. First time I inserted the cup in successfully I was in A LOT of pain. My guess is because I tore some of the hymen and I am a virgin.

Months later however and my hymen is still unfortunately very much intact, and this results in some burning pain each time I insert the cup. (I only have pain during insertion.) I thought with regular cup wear my hymen would stretch and be more accommodating and the pain would decrease, but no luck. I have been using lube and it lessens the pain a bit, but pain is still there. Is there a way to get rid of the pain?

Another question is in regards to lube. I am having trouble finding glycerin free lube. I was using Astroglide glycerin free lube to aid insertion but for some reason I cannot find it in drugstores again. Anyone know where to go to find glycerin free lube?
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