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My own inexperience

I don't care how much you read about it... and I have read a lot. This hands on thing... it is something else. Ok, I am currently on my period, first heavy day so I am trying out my new fleurcup lg. I have limited experience so far I used my Lunette last month and did fairly well although I do still feel like it is all trial and error. So last month I ended up flipping my Lunette inside out due to irritation and it worked fairly well. After my cycle ended I ended up cutting off the stem... filing down the rings. So this month I tried it right side out... it kept wanting to push out when I would go to the bathroom (just peeing). I felt inside and found my cervix was super low (not the norm, it is usually about a  fingerlength in). I was just barely spotting so just put the cup back in and kind of dealt with it. I am now thinking on days like that the inside out cup works better as it is shorter and more rounded (less pointy) on the bottom. On to today, working with my fleurcup which I LOVE so far. I noticed that I don't get that sensation that I have to pee constantly (which I did with the Lunette) and can barely feel it. I have had a couple of mishaps with thinking it was in correctly but find that is starts leaking. So I felt around again to see where my cervix is, now it is way up and seems to be more towards the front of me or tilted forward I guess. So I am still experimenting on insertion technique. Last insertion was pretty successful, I let it mostly pop open right after getting it about half in and wiggled it up and back until it felt in all the way, then I rotated it and pushed the stem towards the back (hoping to get it better centered over my cervix. Darn thing keeps moving :P) So far so good. I did have a question I am sure someone can answer... should the cup feel like it is partly squished like suctioned half compressed? I have been experimenting with that and completely not squished and am wondering how others have worked with it?? I hope that made sense, Any thoughts?

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