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Decisions for young newbie

I had a big talk with my daughter today (17yo virgin... well likely not a hymen prob though due to how do you say having been molested as a kid nicely?) and she is having major problems with her disposable pads... she has had spotting for days and is super irritated. So I had her go put on one of my cloth pads for starters. This kind of opened up the topic of cups (yay!) and she is interested since it would be something she could do which would not irritate her skin and also would be low maintenance. She has had the depo shot (had super heavy periods to the point of passing out in PE) and has frequent light spotting & med flow days maybe 2 days in a cycle. She does not believe her cervix to be low like mine (I described how I could easily find mine just inside on some days and how tampons seem to work their way out etc). We are thinking a small fleurcup or small/med meluna soft. She likes the colors of both... and the meluna sparkle because of the novelty of that. Any opinions?
Tags: age, brand comparisons, buying decisions, fleurcup, meluna - soft, sizes/size issues
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