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Please vote on new cup colour

As I've mentioned before, a company has contacted me to seek my thoughts and opinions on a new menstrual cup they are producing.  They are now at the colour stage and they have sent me a picture of 6 FDA approved colours they have come up with, and want to know which 3 of these colours they should choose for the initial launch of their cup. (So the other colours may be available later, I guess it depends on how much demand there is for them)

(Taking into consideration that your monitor may display these colours
slightly differently to how they may appear in real life)

So, in order to keep all the results in the one place, I've set the polls up on my blog.  I've got 2 polls.... the first is voting for all the colours you like best (so you can pick them all if you like them all).  The second poll is asking if you could only pick 1 colour, what would that one be (so you get only one choice).  Feel free to offer any comments here or the blog post, as I'll be providing the company the link to both.

So please put your votes in, to help this company bring out new coloured cups in the colours we pick.  (Before you ask, I don't know if they plan to bring out a clear one in addition to the colours, but I will ask)


I'm not sure how true to life these colours are, as I only have the photo to go by, not an actual sample of the cups in these colours.... but the aqua to me looks gorgeous!  The blue looks lovely, the lilac looks more like a baby blue to me.... It will be interesting to see what colours are more popular, and I can't wait to see them in real life!

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