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New to this stuff

I finally bought myself a meLuna cup, it's the smallest one and has a ring on the end (link at bottom of post).
I'm having some problems putting it in, not used to it and I hate tampons. But I'm finding it even more difficult to pull out, I have to pull really hard, and the feeling just disgusts me. I have no problems with my vagina and I am confident when I touch all the stuff down there, but when I pull out the mooncup (or a tampon) I get a horrible feeling, like I'm ripping it out from my stomach or something. I know this sounds weird, but I was hoping for some advice on removing it correctly.
I've tried the c-fold, the 7-fold and the origami-fold, but I don't know if it is opening up right, or if it is even in the right place.
I want to give my mooncup a second chance (also it is cheaper than pads on long-term and better for the vagina itself).
Please help :),r:6,s:0

Tags: removal - painful or problems
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