mikayla_224601 (mikayla_224601) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Lotsa questions!

Hey everyone, long time cup user here! :) <3
I post here very often, really don't have any problems with my cup but I'm always wodnering new things.
So my first question is, I've heard people talk about how their cervix sits inside their cup, so due to the law of gravity, how is it possible for it to leak? If the blood comes from the cervix and the cervix is inside, shouldn't it just fall?
2) I'm wondering why the uterus has to work SO hard to get the damn blood out of me? To me it seems like, the body decides it's time to shed the blood, the blood starts falling and BAM! Also due to gravity, it falls! :) Really doesn't make sense to me...?
3) At night (or when lying down) I don't understand where the blood goes. I've seen people say that it just kind of stays inside the vagina but it can't get back into the cervix, but that doesn't make any sense either b/c the cervix is a hole (I know it's small, but it's still a hole) and liquid travels inside any size space.
I had another one. but I can't remember. Ask it later if I can! :) Thanks everyone!

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