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MeLuna changed their shape!

To me this is bad news because I need a very short cup with a narrow bottom as opposed to a rounded bottom, and the old style MeLuna was the only cup I'd found (after trying Fleurcup, LadyCup, and MeLuna) that was a "cone-shaped" cup instead of a "bell-shaped" cup.

It sounds like the reason they changed it was to give it a greater capacity (30% greater to be exact), but for me capacity is not an issue.  I guess I'm in the minority here as I've read lots of posts where women say the old style small MeLuna was pretty much useless to them, but for me it's my main cup after the first two days of my period.  I can wear it pretty much all day and still not fill it half way.  And, I'll just add that I'm 30 and have had a baby vaginally, and still this tiny cup is perfect for me.  So there goes all of the conventional wisdom about sizes and such!  To each hoo-ha her own, I guess. :-)

Okay, anyway, on to the point of this post.  I took a picture of all of my cups so people can see the new MeLuna size/shape compared to other cups.  So, here we go....

Pictured from left to right:
  • Old style medium cyan MeLuna soft  (my heavy days goldilocks cup, note the unique cone shape and how slender it is at the bottom)
  • New style small pink MeLuna soft  (too long and rounded at the end for me, giving to a friend)
  • Small turquoise LadyCup  (too big & firm (MeLuna soft has spoiled me on softness!)--lightly used and for sale in mc_sales)
  • New style small clear MeLuna soft  (unused and for sale in mc_sales!)
  • Old style small pink MeLuna soft  (my light days goldilocks cup)

So like I said, I'm probably in the minority here because I need a small, short, cone-shaped cup and capacity isn't an issue for me, but I think MeLuna has taken what used to be a very unique cup and turned it into the same as everything else out there.  I mean, look at it compared to the LadyCup--It's practically identical, maybe a little smaller in the middle, but down at the bottom is where size counts to me because the further up you go the less feeling you have.  Down at the bottom is where it's going to aggravate you.  Okay, well, that's my rant.  I'm just thankful that I found out about the shape change when I did because I stocked up on small and medium old styles.  I've got enough to last me until menopause now! :-)

Hope this picture and info will be helpful to others as you wade through the wide, wonderful world of menstrual cups!  :-)
Tags: diagrams & pictures, meluna, meluna - soft, sizes/size issues
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