mikayla_224601 (mikayla_224601) wrote in menstrual_cups,

No luck with cup today :(

Hey! :) So I've had a Diva cup for...hmmm, maybe 6 or 7 months, and it's gone GREAT! I love the thing to death, I could kiss it. But I don't... Anyway, today my period came and so I went and got my cup. I put it in, but it felt really squishy and tight, then once it was actually in, I couldn't get it in as far as usual and it wouldn't open because it felt like there was no room for it. It was fairly painful. So I took it out, also a fairly painful experience, and tried again. With no luck. So then I just stuck in a tampon (unfortunately! :'( ) and that's been okay. I'm wondering what's going on, do you think tomorrow I will have better luck, should I keep trying today? I was thinking maybe it was just the posistion of my cervix today, but I really have no idea.... Thanks! :)
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