texasmanda (texasmanda) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Love/Hate Relationship & Leaky Cup

I am 27 years old. Never had kids. I have been using a menstrual cup since July.

I started off with the Diva Cup 1 and the first cycle I used it, it was perfect. No problems with insertion, discomfort, or leaking. I LOVED my diva cup.

But now, I HATE it. I want it to take scissors to it and cut it into tiny pieces and then burn it. Every cycle since that first use it has been leaky. And I don't mean just a little bit of "slobber". It full on leaks blood everywhere straight through my pants. The cup is not full so it's not leaking because it is full. I am currently on my 4th cycle using it, with 3 of those cycles being a complete failure. This current cycle I have begun using Lunette 1 with the exact same leaking problems.

One thing I have noticed also is that when I go to the bathroom to urinate, it seems to really leak when I contract my muscles down there. I can see drops of blood falling into the toilet.

I have been reading forums and online advice to no end. I don't understand what I was doing right the first cycle that I am suddenly not doing right the past 3 cycles. I have tried aiming the cup towards my butt as everyone suggests. I have tried aiming it forward and sidewards. Tried putting it up high. Tried putting it up low. Tried a billion different folds and putting the fold facing different directions as I insert it. I've tried sticking my finger up there and tracing along the edge. It doesn't seem like my cervix is outside of it. And it definitely pops open completely with no problem.

I have a love/hate relationship with my cup and I am determined to make this work, but I am also just at a complete dead end here because I have tried everything!!!! I don't want to spend more money trying different types of cups unless I know that is the problem. I already hesitated buying a second cup, the Lunette. Is it possible I just need a bigger size? Does anyone have any other advice??
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