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MeLuna Troubles

I think that my initial cup, the large Lunette, is actually my goldilocks cup.  The only reason why I was even tempted to try something else is there are days when I'd appreciate a little extra capacity (emptying every 30 minutes).  I ordered  a large Yuuki and a XL MeLuna classic.

The large Yuuki I'm not sure I like.  The larger rim was causing cramping and I could feel it, it was not pleasant and I didn't leave it in long.

I like the MeLuna except...I have trouble getting it to open.  Today I had to reinsert it 3 times before it would pop open.  With the Lunette it opens every time with a good seal no matter which fold I use.  I usually use a 7 fold.  The MeLuna was a lot harder.  I tried the 7 fold and it stayed pretty squished.  I did a punchdown and it opened, but it took a lot of manipulation once it was in to get it to open.

Also, I'm not sure that I actually gained any capacity.  The Lunette doesn't start to leak until it's REALLY full.  Pretty much at the brim.  The MeLuna is longer and I think my cervix dips into it more so it starts leaking a little under the holes.  I think it's about the same as the Lunette. 

Maybe I should just get a second Lunette!  Anyone have suggestions for a better fold that may open more easily?
Tags: insertion - folding methods, lunette, meluna

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