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Chapped Vulva/Labia (Vagina Lips)

Sorry for this random post, but I haven't been able to find information online and who better to turn to than you ladies? I've been wearing pads because I haven't been able to afford getting a menstrual cup, yet. But, after putting it on my vagina lips got really irritated. It stings/itches. Well, stupid me, I scratched at them. D: And now it's hurting so bad. So, I put some Vaseline on on my lips because I have to wear a pad, since I am bleeding. Is this okay? I know some say it's bad to put it inside you but that's not what I've done. I put it on the outside to help from chapping. :( Is this okay? Do you think? I really need to get a menstrual cup. @_@
Tags: chafing/irritation
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