sarahmitroff (sarahmitroff) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Awful Day With Lunette

Hello menstrual cup community. I am hoping you can help me solve a problem, sorry its a little long.

I am on my first period with my size 2 Lunette Selene. I started my period around Sunday 10/2 and am still on the tail end of it today, Friday 10/7. Since the first day of my period I've been using my Lunette with minimal issues that I've chalked up to first time use and the learning curve. Issues have included leaking, minor discomfort during insertion and wear, and some difficulty removing the cup.

Everything had been going well, until today. I slept with my cup in last night, removed in the morning, and put it back in during my shower. About 4 hours later emptied my cup while I was out with a friend. When I put it back in, everything was fine for a few minutes but the cup quickly became uncomfortable, and then painful. So painful that simply walking around was difficult and exhausting. It felt like the cup was stabbing my vaginal wall, causing vaginal cramping.

I went back to the bathroom, removed the cup and put it back in, trying to reposition the cup. Again, after a minute the cup was causing me awful pain and my back and abdomen began cramping. I went back to the bathroom one final time and attempted to reposition the cup, finally giving up and removing it for the day. I didn't have any backup, but my flow wasn't too heavy and I resolved that I'd rather ruin a pair of panties than continue to torture myself. All three times I inserted it I used the 7 fold like I had done many times before, making sure that it was past my pubic bone and fully open.

It's been about 4 hours since I removed the cup and I'm still in pain. I thought maybe I disturbed my IUD, but the strings are where they always are. I don't think I even remotely hit my cervix with the cup as my cervix is very high, even during my period. I'm not a virgin, but have never had kids. Anyone have an idea of what might be going on? Thanks in advance.
Tags: insertion - painful or problems, lunette, popping open, removal - painful or problems
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