pynki616 (pynki616) wrote in menstrual_cups,

inside-out ladycup?

hey! i've been a cup user for a few months now, started out with the divacup, which didn't work out for me so i got a shorter ladycup (large). even the ladycup, which is quite a bit shorter than the diva, is just a tad long, so that it pokes out the tiniest bit. the grip-bumps would irritate the crap out of me, until i had to take it out and use a pad. i turn it inside out now, and can't feel a thing. most of the time. what i'm wondering is, does turning a ladycup inside-out mess with the suction ability? the holes are kinda angled, and they get just a little distorted when inside out. sometimes i get the feeling that it's just gonna slide right out so i run to the bathroom to check it. it's usually fine, but sometimes is a little lower, like it was slipping a little (and once, it actually did almost fall out while i was using the restroom, luckily i caught it....). anyone else have this problem? or have any recommendations? thanks!
Tags: inside-out, lady cup, seal & suction
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