Heather Reed (Heather Reed) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Heather Reed
Heather Reed

Am I weird or what?

Ok so last month I got my DivaCup in the middle of my period and loved it for those last days that are quirky to say the least. Then I cleaned my cup, loaded it in the bag, and put it forlornly in the drawer for next month.

Well this morning I got up and lo and behold here is my visitor again but strangely no cramps to signal its coming! I was so excited to put in my cup after reading everyone's experiences on here and other sites! I tried the 7 fold and it worked perfectly the first time! I am amazed!! 

After living with horrible cramps, painkillers, changing a super plus tampon every 15 minutes, and all the mess associated with it for 30 years, now I actually like my period! It is so weird to go to the bathroom, wipe and not see blood!!

I am a cup lover for life and everyone I know (both male and female and other) knows it too! Thank you  for all the information and comments and such, you make this house-bound agoraphobic, unemployed person feel so much better! 
Am I weird or what?!?!?! lol 
Tags: success stories

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