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Hey everybody!
So I just inserted a Softcup for the first time, and it seemed to go smoothly, but I've since been browsing the Softcups tab and have started wondering if it's really positioned right. The cup went in far enough that I couldn't feel it anymore, but it's really only 1-2 centimeters from the opening of my vagina, and meanwhile I'm reading all this stuff about it going all the way behind your pubic bone! I have a relatively high cervix, I think. I usually wear a Diva Cup with the stem cut off, and I only start to feel it if I've been wearing it for more than 8 hours, and I've never been able to reach my cervix, though my doctor could. Based on this, should maybe try and push the Softcup in farther? Are there any tricks to tell if your softcup is in place?

My flow is really heavy today since I screwed something up with my birth control pills this month, so my cervix bleeding outside of my softcup isn't necessarily welcome. My Diva cup still smells from a bizarre happening last month, and I don't want to wear it until I get the smell off it (baking soda is what I'll try next), and I'm bleeding through my tampons really fast and only have a few left, so it'd be great if I could rely on my two softcup samples for this period.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: first time use, instead

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