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Hymen and cup questions.

Alright, so I've actually ordered a small LadyCup (unfortunately I only found out they don't have a very large capacity AFTER I ordered it). I'm not sure if the capacity will be an issue though because I'm only 13 and I JUST got my second period (only two weeks after my first... Lucky me :-|) so I don't know how heavy my flow will be in the future (at the moment it's light). Time will tell.

ANYWAY! I've been getting myself used to something going in and out of my vagina (one finger), and now I'm really used to it (yes I can relax my PC muscles), so I tried fitting two fingers (I am absolutely CERTAIN I was completely relaxed lol) but I couldnt get more that the tips in. When I tried to slip them in further it caused discomfort (of the area around the outside of the vaginal opening) and there was like ... I don't know how to describe it, I could feel something putting pressure right around my fingers (on the outside). - is that my hymen? I was never able to locate my hymen with a mirror :S. If it is my hymen, will it be an issue with cup insertion/removal? I've always just assumed this, but do you guys insert two fingers to break the suction and pull the stem?

Also, I've just recently located my cervix (I started exploring my atonomy after I ordered my cup - which incidentally hasn't arrived yet), I think it's about 3.5cm in when I'm on my period... Is the ladycup a good size for me? I don't know if that's long or short. Also if my periods get heavier I might want a Lunette, would that be good? Haha sorry I'm so clueless XD.

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