luvtheheaven (luvtheheaven) wrote in menstrual_cups,

So I just tried my cup for the first time today!

I got a small lunette in the mail 1 or 2 weeks ago but wanted to wait until I had my period so that it'd be more lubricated when I first tried it. I posted when I was trying to figure out which one to buy - I'm 21-year-old virgin... etc.

I woke up around 12:30pm today (yes I slept in past noon lol) and went to the bathroom - no blood on my underwear but the VERY beginning of my period when I wiped. I was kinda excited haha, my first chance to try out my cup.

I put a pad on and then tried to put in the cup. I tried mainly the 7 fold because I figured that'd work best. I couldn't get it in really. I started getting really sore. I gave up. I waited a few hours... read some stuff online about other folds I could try. Saw that I might need lube. I really didn't want to buy anything and hoped that wouldn't be necessary. I tried again. Still failed.

And after giving my body some time to recover, tried a third time, but failed yet again.

I read some stuff online about how you really have to be pushing back toward your rectum and not up... and you should keep your mouth open as a way to help relax your muscles, etc.

I tried a 4th time...

Now at 6:00pm after 4 tries I'm pretty sure it's in me! XD I couldn't tell if it was open enough and I'm not sure if it'll leak or not. I put on a clean pad and am testing it now.

I think the stem is really uncomfortable for me, right now it's worse than tampons - I hope it's just the stem that's so uncomfortable. But it's not really "Hurting"... I don't think. I think I'll cut the stem off later today when I take it off... and when I re-insert it, see if tht helps. Hopefully I can leave it in for a few hours to really test if it's working or leaking or what. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get it in a second time lol. But I think I'm getting the hang of it and I'm hoping for the best. If it doesn't leak it'd be awesome, the first night of my period is usually when I stain my sheets if I wear pads, even if I use like 2 overnight ones there manages to be a spot on my underwear that isn't covered and so I wake up to some blood there and through to my pajama pants and sheets. And I like sleeping more than 8 hours at night so I don't like wearing tampons at night - I don't want to wear them for over 8 hours. Tampons usually do work to avoid leaks though. So I'm hoping this cup will be a good solution. I'll tell you all if removal or re-insertion or leaking or something ends up being a problem for me.

Tags: first time use, insertion, insertion - folding methods, insertion - painful or problems, lubricant, lunette, removal

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