unicornwarrior8 (unicornwarrior8) wrote in menstrual_cups,

My cup experience

This is a bit of my cup love letter. I was interested in a non tampon option for a while, but just bought my Lunette Selene size one this summer. I've had three cycles on the lunette and I've had zero problems. I just use the c fold, and I haven't had any problem getting the cup to open up. Also another thing that I've loved about being a cup owner, is that now I don't stain my undies. I hate using disposable pads, and with tampons, the string would always have blood on it, even though the tampon was nowhere near saturated, but with a cup, there's no problem! So my last few periods, I've had zero undie-ruining moments, and I'm so happy. I also told my 16 year old sister about menstrual cups, and now she has a Lunette Cynthia size one, and loves it. Thank you everyone in the community for being so helpful!!

Sidenote: I live in the dorms on campus, and I've had no problems, there's not many people in the bathroom at one time, so I just take the cup out and rinse it in the sink. And when I don't feel like doing that, I do it in the shower. Plus, I don't have to worry about not having tampons on me at all times!
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