Cyntilla (cyntilla) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Italian cup finding

Today I finally had the chance to check one of the bio markets of the NaturaSì  chain and... Lo and behold! They had Mooncup pamphlets in italian! They actually had both sizes of the Mooncup in the store AND a cup near the papmhlets place as a sample!
This is madness. XD Less than a month ago I sent a local pharmacist into a panic fit asking her about cups, and now here they are!

So, here's some other info (remind that everything will be in Italian here):
The store: NaturaSì, il Supermercato della natura
The Italian distributor for the Mooncup: La Bottega della Luna

I hope this helps, I know one of the major issues here is to actually find the cups, not everybody likes buying on-line. And of course let me know if this is inappropriate and I'll remove the post!

Tags: mooncup (uk), where to buy
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