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Leakage question

I am currently on my cycle and it is my first one using my cup (Large Lunette). I did numerous dry runs so I would be comfortable with inserting and removing the cup. I have no issues inserting or removing the cup! I have not had any spill accidents and the cup fits nicely around my cervix. Success!!

My question is about residual gunk. Using the cup overnight is a nightmare, same as it was with a tampon. My flow is in between #5 and #6 on the chart. I woke up to a "mess". I used a pad knowing I would need it. I dumped the contents, rinsed the cup out, and inserted it with no issues. Since the cup overflowed last night, I have a lot of residual gunk. I tried wiping as much as I could, but there's still a fair amount up there. Any tips for residual gunk leaks? Is that something I will just have to deal with? Thank you in advance!
Tags: heavy blood flow, leakage & spotting, lunette

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