becca051911 (becca051911) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First Dry Run!

So I officially just finished my first dry run with my lunette size 1! Getting it in wasn't too bad although the c-fold was huge and I couldn't even get it in. I think I ended up using the punch down fold which worked pretty well! I am not so sure if it ever opened or not although I think it did.
I kept it in for about an hour and then went to take it out. I broke the seal by pinching the bottom which I could hear air release (which is why i think it sealed) and started to pull it out. It did hurt quite a bit, but no blood and I could bear it. Is there a way to fold it on the way out so its not just pinched in half? It was pretty slippery so I couldn't really get my fingers around the top.
What will be different when I am actually on period? I never could find my its either way up there or I am just missing it!!!
Overall I was pretty happy with my first run.
Tags: cervix position, dry run
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