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Hello, everyone. I'm a first time cup user. I'd like to eventually graduate up to a reusable menstrual cup, but for now I'm using the Instead Soft Cup just to get used to feel and idea of collection rather than absorption.

I've had a few problems though, and I'm only on Day 3 of my period.

The first issue was removal. I've read through the troubleshooting and removal tag and found a few women had the same problem. They're kind of ridiculous to get out if you have a deeper vaginal canal. I find that, through the process of wearing it, my cup keeps shifting back and back, so that when I reach up behind my pelvic bone for removal, it's at least a couple centimeters further back. I'm wondering if I do end up switching to a reusable cup, if purchasing a longer brand with help in this issue. I finally discovered that I can either spend five minutes bearing down and fishing for it with my leg propped up (this position works for public use, etc.), but if I'm at home, I just lie down on the bathroom floor with my legs up and I can reach it much easier. It's a bit annoying though.

The second problem is, last night I completely overflowed a cup and a pad (yes, I'm still a new, paranoid user, so I double up - and thank god I did last night) in a matter of five hours. This is not good, because changing the cup every few hours is one of the reason I'd like to start using a cup as opposed to a pad or tampon.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Similar issues? I'd love to hear. I really adore the idea of a menstrual cup, and how relatively mess free it can be, but so far, my experience is proving to be less smooth than I'd like it to be.
Tags: first time use, instead, leakage & spotting, removal - painful or problems, sizes/size issues

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