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I am New*...Trying again...???

Hello All,

I am 24, with one beautiful 4 year old daughter. I bought a dive cup 1 after calling the company and asking if it was really necessecary to go with a 2 or not. Most of my teen life I have been on birth control which controlled my cycle or with the depot shot completely stopped it.

I was never taught much about my bodily functions but have been researching the hell of it since 2009ish. I have learned alot about my body and then learned about the divacup as well. I had been looking into getting reusable pads from lunapads becasue at the time I wanted more children and was going to stop getting the BC shot not only for children but for health reasons.

So it has been a while since I have purchased my cup I never even really used it right away when I started my period back up in 2010...

So now I am back in the groove of learning about my body, my flow, and my cycle and keeping track of everything.

I have been learking for about 3days reading and researching this forum and YES! it has answered many questions and had great info and links...but there is still some questions.

So far this is what I learned.

I needed to find my cervix...who knew that played a roll in anything...oh the joys of leanring about your body...can't wait to teach this to my daughter so it's not a guessing game for her like it has been for me.

So anyways I found my cervix it is pretty hard to reach it is far back and down near my tail bone...very hard to reach and at a werid angle toward my right side.

I am rather tight down there and I know about the kegel exercises from my pregnancy with my daughter.

I know all the folds but I have used the punch down method and it worked a few times perfectly this is my third cycle trying to become a pro at using my divacup.

So i know that it needs air to create a seal...but i can't get air in no matter how I turn or push ( against my wall or against the cup) 

So here is the only way I have figured it out...

Basically I do the punch down fold...then once I get most of it in past my pubic bone I have to let one side out (i point it up and the left) to let air in then kinda pop it back into the opening (while it is pretty much just unfolded anyways) then nudging it in and in to place pointing toward my cervix.

I am on day 2 soon to be 3(since i t is night time) of my period, my flow is medium.

I Love it when it works collects so nicely and the outside it clean not spots on my panty liners!!!...but when it doesn't, which has been most of the time since I started trying (other then the above method I figured out about 3 hours ago) it sucks and I just wanna throw it out...!

If I just put it in with out doing that it doesn't open right away or at all, it doesn't suction or create a seal...sometimes it has a lil air and sorta works but leaks...I don't have pain or discomfort even if it is in wrong i just have leaking... and it is easy to take out no pain removing.

Is there any other way to get air in for it to seal. with out all the hassel...???I have only tried the two main folds the U and the punch down...would other help put air in while inserting...???

I even opened up and researched and explained all this to my boyfriend who helped me a lil and told me to just join and ask on the forum...

Please Help!!!


Tags: cervix position, divacup, insertion, insertion - folding methods, popping open, seal & suction

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