curtiv (curtiv) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First time user at age 40!

Now I dont know where Ive been living but I have never even heard of a menstrual cup until recently. I read something online about one... got intrigued... and hunted one down (Diva) at wholefoods. This is my first cycle with the cup. I have two kids.. neither of which were vag deliveries but both were over 10 lbs so they ruined my pelvic floor. I have uterine, bladder and rectal prolapse. Tampons were getting to be too difficult to insert and I get a rash from pad glue for years. I was seriously debating a hysterectomy. I cant believe Ive ever lived this long without a cup.
I feel cleaner and so happy with my Diva cup.  I loathed my period with pads and tampons... this period is a piece of cake. Now the learning curve for someone my age was a bit much. I seriously felt like a train drove through my vagina at first with the insertion and removal. The figure 7 insertion trick works like a charm for me every time. I cant do that whole twisting seal thing either... but i think thats because of my prolaps making it difficult to move around in there. I use my finger to make sure its fully expanded. My advice to a new person is ....first time you empty in the shower... omg.... it looked like someone was murdered (i forgot to break the seal before pulling it out)!  At first my husband was a little weirded out but now... i think hes impressed with the whole no pads in the bathroom trash. I have two girls ages 12 and 11 Im hoping they will be comfortable enough to experiment with one when their time comes. I ordered two more online... a lunette and an ebay blue... just to have some differnt options... but I love the Diva so far.

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