liljaneliberty (liljaneliberty) wrote in menstrual_cups,

AT LAST IT'S IN...okay now to take it out...OUCH, okay that hurt.

Okay so third time being here now. Neway's since I've had my Lunette menstrual cup I've gotten through two cycles and now on my third. Today was the second day with it and I wanted to get my cup in and I had issues like before. Finally though I got it in YEPPIE! I felt like I accomplished something today lol. So I went through the whole day with the cup I sort of felt it but it wasn't bad like with a tampon, I mean I couldn't even sit down with a tampon in half the time. I was able to with my Lunette cup which was a good thing cause I had to go on an hour drive so I had to sit down lol.

Now for the bad part, getting the little thing out hurt like heck I mean if it hurts to stretch my vagina like that to get it out I can only imagine how I will feel with a male body part in me or giving birth for that matter. I know TMI and off topic but seriously it hurt. I was standing in the middle of my bathroom trying to get it out. I was finally able to after quite a bit of pain. I mean it hurt so bad I couldn't even hold the cup upright it all it just spilt out onto the floor I'm glad I was standing in my bathtub when I did it cause it was meeeeesey. Now my legs were shaky for awhile after the fact too I just wonder if there's a way to get it out without hurting, I tried breaking the suction at the bottom but it just seemed like it didn't work. And I couldn't get my finger up along the side to break the suction at the tip either, aside the fact that it hurt to do so, my finger just isn't long enough to reach in that far I have tiny hands.

I'm overall glad I was able to get it in, and my mother is glad that I've taken this route, she's very into protecting the environment which I think is great. I'm just overall scared of the hurt factor I mean I was looking forward to wearing it to bed tonight but if it's gonna hurt to take it out I dont know if I wanna try. Neway's hints advice anything is greatly appreciated thanks.
Tags: removal - painful or problems

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