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Do you have happier periods?

I got into a discussion with someone about periods being gross, and how they felt that such subjects should not be discussed openly, which in turn got me thinking about the idea that talking about periods can be beneficial. Talking about menstruation challenges taboos and I think is important for the purpose of education, challenging sexism, helping people deal with menstrual problems, and trying to improve safety of our sanitary products. I'm also a firm believer that the less negatively you feel about menstruation the less negative you feel during menstruation. 

Thinking specifically where I've seen examples of this - here.
If it wasn't for talking about menstruation none of us would be here now. For many of us the ability to talk about menstruation has led us to discover cups, in turn cups have given many of us a way to deal with problems that made periods less-than-pleasant, but perhaps also changed our attitudes towards menstruation a little too. So in theory, for many of us talking about menstruation has been hugely beneficial. 

To my point - do you have happier periods as a result of using menstrual cups? 

I've seen many people say this, but I wonder what others attribute this too - finding a solution to a problem or turning your back on mainstream menstrual taboos - also with this in mind, do you think talking about menstruation is important? I've also seen many sources claiming people have happier periods with menstrual cups and I wonder where anyone here has an opinion on this, is this really an accurate claim? 

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