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I bit the bullet. Thanks for all the great info.

Ok... so I am really new to this menstrual cup thing but I can tell you if anyone should have known, I should have. I am an RN and have been for over 10 years and had never heard of it. So, last month I purchased a starter set of Gladrags (loving them) which my youngest daughter quickly took over I also got a keeper cup (figured it was a natural material that had been around for years). Mind you that I had not found this site or learned much. Sadly the keeper although working much better than say tampons was EXTREMELY irritating. I noted firstly that the stem was very irritating but managed to adjust it to what I thought was ok. I also had problems on day 2-3 when my flow was heavy (and wow... it is, you don't know till you can see). By the time my cycle was over everything was super inflamed. Sadly I ended up going to the MD's and found that I had a bacterial infection (and believer me I was very clean about it all). She did believe that I had experienced a reaction to possibly the latex as well and that the infection likely came later. So, I returned it and purchased a Lunette to try this month. I also read A LOT. I just ordered another cup, a Fleurcup Lg (green hee hee) for days 2-3 which historically are very heavy days. I want to say that I REALLY appreciate all the info here, it really helped in making the decision. BTW while at the MD's office I introduced both the NP and the CNA there to the idea of menstrual cups and this website ;)
Tags: allergies - latex, buying decisions, first time use, fleurcup, keeper, lunette
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