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First time poster and cup user!

So, I ordered my very first cup (a femmecup) yesterday, and it arrived this morning (thanks for the quick service, Feminine Wear)!  I'm bleeding right now, so I decided to give it a quick try.  I used a punchdown fold and had no problem at all with insertion.  I poked around a bit and was unsure whether or not it had opened properly, so I walked around my bathroom for a few minutes and then checked it again.  There was definite suction, but I still couldn't tell if it was open all the way. I could barely even tell it was there, it was really comfortable.  It took me a few minutes of tugging (SOFTLY!!) and bearing down to get a good grip on it.  No amount of squeezing and rocking seemed to do anything, so I finally managed to get my finger up by the rim and break the seal that way.  I probably should have gotten something a bit longer, as I seem to have a really high cervix.  There was a moment of, OMG how the heck am I going to get that out?! But I managed it in the end.  The only reason I only kept it in for a few minutes is that I'm not having a "normal" period and I'm not sure how safe it is.  I was pregnant last week, and spent Thursday night in the hospital with bleeding and cramps.  Sorry if this is TMI, but I passed some tissue while there, and again on Sunday morning.  Anyway, I'm fairly sure the miscarriage bit is over now, and I'm just having what amounts to a period now, but since I'm not scheduled for a follow up scan until next week, I thought it better not to use anything other than pads without the doctor's ok.  

So, overall, a good first experience with the cup.  I will definitely NOT be going back to tampons.  I usually feel vaguely flu-ish when I use them, and I've recently read some pretty scary TSS stories, so now I'm too scared to go back to them.  i know lots of people use them with no problem, but I find them drying anyway.  I might wind up getting a bigger cup, though.  I was surprised by how small this one was when I got it.  If I can find one just as comfy, but slightly longer, i think I'd have my goldilocks cup!
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