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IUD Periods, Cup Use, Strings

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Hello all!

I got my Paragard inserted on August 22, on the second day of my period, and then got my first real Paragard period Thursday, September 15th.

I have a few string-related concerns that I wanted to share with this community, to see if anyone else has had similar experiences or could perhaps set my mind at ease. More after the cut...

During my first period (immediately after insertion), I did not use my menstrual cup. My partner felt my IUD strings once or twice after insertion, but this issue has lessened over time (up until this weekend/period).

This period, I did opt to use my Meluna soft menstrual cup. I made sure to break the suction every time before carefully and slowly lowering the cup to empty it. I bought a Meluna soft specifically to have a cup that would release easier (I have previously used a DivaCup). That said, I do spin the cup around some to get it to open and ensure it is properly in place.

Two things I've noticed:

1) My strings feel different during this period. Previously, they curled back around my cervix and I honestly never bothered to feel all the way for the ends of the strings because I didn't want to disturb things too much. During this period, the strings feel more noticeable. I cannot tell if they are a bit longer now, or simply dislodged from their cervical nesting place due to my period and cup insertion and removal.

Has anyone else experienced string-lengthening or dislodging as a result of menstrual cup spinning?

Thoughts, advice?

2)My strings caused my partner major discomfort for the first time ever. It was never a serious issue before, not even immediately after insertion, but it was an issue this weekend.

Is there hope of the strings settling back down after my period passes?

I stopped using the cup because I was so paranoid about having tugged my IUD down a little bit (which would explain the perhaps slightly longer strings...even though I never really bothered to find the ends before. It's hard to do precise measuring in that area, as I'm sure many of you know!)

Regardless, I am going to schedule my standard re-check appointment with my county clinic, but it will probably take some time before they can see me.

In the meantime, does anyone else have any similar experiences they might like to share, especially any that might put my mind at ease about my IUD and string placement?
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