As walls keep shifting (pussycatbelle) wrote in menstrual_cups,
As walls keep shifting

My Divacup is awesome! (except for those pesky leaks)

Hello all!
I'm a first time poster in the comm. Hope you're having a wonderful day!

I've been using a Divacup size 1 for my last two periods. I have to say that I've never been happier in regards to my period. I used to dread the moment it came; I had to use both a super tampon and a pad if I wanted to go for more than two hours without stained undies. Now with the Diva, I can go for about four to five hours before I need to empty it.

The only problem I've found is that sometimes it leaks. Mostly on the first heavy days, but once it leaked during the normal flow days. When I go to check it, it's only about halfway full. Now, when I checked for my cervix, it was kinda high. I had to bear down to find it and I still barely grazed it. That's why I ordered a Diva. But, me being a dummy, I didn't check during my heaviest day. When I checked again during my last period, lo and behold, my cervix is way lower. So, I'm thinking that might have something to do with the leaks. That my cervix is taking up space? The Diva still fits, I don't feel it poking out or anything.

As for the normal flow leak, maybe the size 1 is too small? I have a child, but she was delivered via C-section. I'm not really sexually active, but maybe I still needed a size 2? I'm thinking that maybe I should get another cup with a higher capacity, but shorter for my first two heavy days (a large Yuuki?) and a Diva size 2 for the normal days. I could keep the size 1 for very light days.

I'm so grateful that I found this comm. No one around me even knows that cups exist and this is all still kinda new for me. It feels really good to know that you guys are here!
Tags: divacup, leakage & spotting
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