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MiaCup removal - help!

This is my first cycle with my MiaCup and so far it's performed admirably. No leaks, no real discomfort. Insertion is fairly simple, but removal has been (quite literally) a huge pain in the vagina.

The first time I removed it in the shower and had to yank on the stem for dear life to get it down far enough for me to open it. I turned the cup inside-out when I inserted it again because the stem was poking me and it seems to be more comfortable that way, only now I can't get it out.

I have a pretty long vagina and while I can reach up the side of the cup almost to the rim, I can't seem to break the seal (or it will leak for a few seconds and close right back up again.) I can get to the bottom of the cup but so far it's been impossible for me to grab onto it to pinch the bottom. I've tried to sort of collapse the cup in on itself when I'm reaching for the rim but all that seems to do is squish it into my pubic bone.

I'd really appreciate any help anyone could give me because I'm sick of squatting in the floor and bearing down!

UPDATE: So, I tried everything I could think of (and I mean everything) and I absolutely could not get this cup out, so I went to the ER this morning and they finally removed it after a lot of painful tugging and yanking and digging around. The bad part (well, the other bad part) was that the forceps they used made holes in my cup so I can't use it anymore :[ . I'm thinking about getting a Diva as a replacement considering that getting the Miacup out even normally was kind of a trial.
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