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I finally got to use my small keeper mooncup. For the record, I got a menstrual cup to use because I don’t like tampons and during most of my menstruation I can’t even use one, my first idea was to use pads and only use the cup “when needed”… That idea has completely turned around. Granted, at first it seemed to put some pressure on my bladder and stuff, but after a few hours that was history. I only had three tiny leaks, two due to capacity (very small leaks might I add, more like spotting and in one of those cases the menstrual fluid had already reached the holes) and one because I messed up on getting a good seal. I also found out my cup was suppressing cramps, the only reason I notices was because I decided to take a break the second day (the first two days I often feel ill, and I wasn’t feeling up to “dealing” with the cup at the time) and suddenly I noticed I had cramps. Removal is also a lot better; it went from being somewhat painful at the end due to the final stretch, to simply feeling that the cup was coming out, also no spills, not a single one.

I want to get a cup with more capacity for my most abundant moments, my keeper mooncup lasts about 4 hours during that time, I knew when I got it that I would probably need one with more capacity, but it seemed like the best one to try first. Since most of the stem goes in once my cup in positioned correctly I think I can take a look at the longer cups, I still want to make sure about that though. I’ll greatly appreciate any suggestions.

Speaking about positioning my cup correctly, it seems that at first my cup took care of that on its own in a painful way. Basically it would suddenly collapsed, move up, and pop open, which made it feel like a big bubble suddenly inflated inside of me and then popped. I tried pinching the base once I inserted the cup and it did keep it from happening but it messed up the suction, somewhere in the forum I found something about inserting a finger along the side of the cup, it was basically the same as the cup was doing on its own but it didn’t hurt. Anyone has any other suggestion as to what I can try? I’m not fund of the feeling of having my cup collapse inside of me. Also once the cup is positioned, it goes a little to the side so the stem pokes me a little, usually it just tickles, but sometimes it does hurt, since the stem ends in an edge I’m thinking that the best thing to try is to smooth out that edge rather than cut the stem short.

Right now I really like having a back up pad, it helps me feel more confident, but I don’t like using disposables so I’m going to get reusable cloth pads, any recommendations? I’ve seen a few, and so far I’ve liked the lunapads, still, it helps to hear from others that have some experience with the products, be it good or bad.
Tags: chafing/irritation, first time use, pads - cloth, seal & suction, stem length/trimming, success stories

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