aubrie35 (aubrie35) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Instead Softcups and IUDs...really, I can't use them?!

So, I just bought some Instead Softcups as a step towards getting a reusable menstrual cup (need to do more reasearch to decide which one).  I put one in before yoga this morning and haven't gotten around to reading the instruction booklet until this afternoon.  when I did read it I discovered at the END of the booklet that you aren't supposed to use them with IUDs.

Anyone have experience with these and their IUD?  I am really hoping nothing happens when I take it out and I know a lot of you do use cups, in general, with IUDs with no problems.  I guess I am just looking for some reassurance that I can use these with my Paraguard.  Ugh.

I have also called the office who put in my Paraguard but not sure what they will say...


Tags: instead, iud
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