Abi (Abi Olvera) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Abi Olvera

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Cup firmness evil to insides.

I didn't realize how firm the Fleurcup was before I got it. I'm on the second cycle and I dread the part of my day where I have to remove it. Squeezing it won't really work, nor will sticking my finger up along the side since once I take my finger back out, it immediately pops right back to how it was. I have to drag it down with my finger breaking the suction the entire time which makes it so wide it's painful (virgin). I can't employ the tiny holes to help me. I don't want to buy another cup. Is there any way to cope with this firm cup? Or to make it softer or easier to remove? It hurts so much to have to break the suction with my finger while I slide it down since it's so wide. :(
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