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Updated softness/squishiness charts?

I find the squishiness chart from "Zanashop" quite useful and published (and translated) it at my norwegian site (www.menskopp.org). But lately there's been changes to designs and new brands popping up. Does anyone know where to place the "missing pieces" in the list?

Here's the old one from www.zanashop.com :

Menstrual Cup Squishiness scale, 1= softest, 10=firmest:

CupLee: 1
Meluna (Small Soft): 1.5
SheCup: 2
LadyCup (large/small, rim is thicker that middle or base):  2
Meluna (Medium Soft): 2
Large Yuuki: 2
Femmecup (in the center, the rim and base are firmer: 3
Naturcup (Large, softer on the bottom than on the top): 3
Miacup (Large and small): 3
Diva Cup (large and small):  4
Small Lunette: 4
Small Yuuki: 5
Meluna (Large and Small classic, middles are thinner, rims are thick): 6
MoonCup UK (large and small):  7
Keeper Moon Cup (large and small): 7.5
Large Lunette: 8
Fleurcup (large/small): 8
Mpower: 9
Medium Original Meluna: 9.5
Keeper (I think only because its so thick):  10

I'd love to get the new firmness of the yuuki, new size meluna, the ones that are still not in the list etc. As i only have one brand of cup myself, i'm eager to hear what you think about the squishiness of yours compared..


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