lostchild03 (lostchild03) wrote in menstrual_cups,

What are other methods to open the cup besides spinning it?

Today was my first time using my new Lunette Cynthia size 2. After I spinned it inside me, I heard a a strong opening "pop" sound, so I assumed it was opened. But it still leaked quite a bit (my undies are not soaked but there is visible blood on it, and it's too much to qualitfy for "spotting"). This is my second cycle of using a cup. I tried using the Lunette size 1 for my first cycle with menstrual cups.

What are other methods to open the cup besdies spinning it? It's so hard for me to put more than 2 fingers in there, and it's so hard to get it high enough, so I insert until the base of it is in me, and i let it go up by itself, which happens in about 30 minuts, and it hurts because i feel the strong suction as it moves up... is that normal and healthy? Should i try to put it all the way up so it doesn't go up by itself? But i'm a virgin and it's so hard to put the whole thing in.....
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