jdhall89 (jdhall89) wrote in menstrual_cups,

1st impressions of Shecup

Just started a new cycle with my newly-arrived Shecup, and I thought I'd share.

Me: 21, sexually active, Mirena IUD, cervix off to one side and low-average.  I have a very light flow (thanks, Mirena!) and have been a happy Divacup user for about a year.

I bought the shecup because I wanted something that was similar to the diva but without the stem, since the length helps me to steer clear of my IUD strings.  I also thought that the placement of the suction holes lower on the cup might make it easier to break the seal during removal, since I'm pretty paranoid about the IUD after pulling it out this winter (small meluna, too close to cervix, not smart.).

Overall, I'm quite pleased.  I ordered from ebay and it arrived quite quickly.  It's very similar in size and shape to the Diva, although slightly wider and I think quite a bit softer.  I found insertion to be a little tricky, since the larger size combined with the softness makes it not want to open, but I can fiddle and get it right.  I definitely don't feel it, but I've never felt any of the cups, and so far I've had no leaks, although again, I've never had a problem with leaking cups after I figured out the whole cervix-is-on-the-left thing.  The color is nice, and the nub stem is very well designed.

My only caution would be that the grip ring around the nub stem is conspicuous at first insertion, although the cup generally migrates upwards and then isn't a problem. I know some people are more sensitive than others, so it's something to think about. 

Summary: compared to diva, shecup is a little wider, softer, has a better stem, but is harder to open.
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