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I want to buy my first menstrual cup

I'm a 21-year-old virgin (never mastrubated either, I'm not sure how and would hope that wouldn't matter) and I have used tampons before sometimes, but I prefer pads, I hate the feeling of tampons on dry days and the stress of having to make sure you take it out in time and the potential for leaking and stuff doesn't make them much more convenient than pads anyway...

I don't know. I think I like the idea of getting used to using a menstrual cup all the time. Less trash... idk it just seems like I'd really like to use one.

I've been trying to feel for my cervix but I'm having trouble being sure what I'm feeling is my cervix. I know it's supposed to feel like the nub of your nose or a button or something. But there's skin/stuff everywhere if you push in the wrong direction and I don't know if I have a hymen or what that would feel like... I know when I put in regular tampax tampons, I have to make an effort to push to make sure they're all the way in, but then they do easily get all the way in. I think my finger can go pretty far back before getting stopped... so I'm thinking maybe skinny and long, like the keeper/US Mooncup might be best for me? I'm really not sure though.

Can anyone help me? I am on the tail end of my period right now, the time when I still need to wear a pad just to make sure I catch any light spotting. I was hoping to be able to order a cup online and try it out for the first time during my next period.

Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, cervix position, hymen
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