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Leakage & Trouble Urinating

I'm on my 5th or 6th cycle using menstrual cups. My 1st was with a Lunette Selene sz small. It just felt really uncomfortable in general & I was getting sharp pains & cramps. So I ordered a large Meluna soft with a ring stem. They also sent a large classic. 

The classic was a no go - too stiff. I had that uncomfortable feeling again & had a lot of trouble emptying my bladder. The soft is more comfortable, but it does feel a little "overwhelming" if that makes sense. Length wise it's the longest I can go. I still have trouble emptying my bladder, but not as much. Obviously trouble peeing is pretty annoying though, even if it's better than the other cup. 

The urination trouble leads me to believe that the large may be to big for me, but...

I'm also having leakage issues, mainly on my 2 heaviest days. It's pretty much a constant streaking type leak - like light red staining on the TP when I wipe or in my underwear. If the cup is anywhere near 1/4 full, it's full blown leaking. I tried the classic again, thinking it was an issue with the softness of the cup, & there was no improvement.

I have a tilted uterus & short vagina, 1 child born via cesarean. I'm checking very, uh, throughly to make sure my cervix is in the cup, that it's fully open, & sweeping my finger several times after insertion to make sure I have gotten any slobber out. I've also tried different folds to see if this would solve it. 

I'm really frustrated. I almost tossed my cup in the trash while I was out grocery shopping yesterday & said forget it. I hate tampons with the heat of a 1000 suns though, they are really irritating to me & I can't stand the dryness. I tried the Lunette a third time too, just to make sure the discomfort wasn't a newbie insertion issue, & had the same result. 

I don't want to blow more $$ on another cup, but do I need to try something else? Or is there a way to make the Meluna work? 

Tags: leakage & spotting, lunette selene, meluna, sizes/size issues, tilted uterus

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