sarahmitroff (sarahmitroff) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Home Run First Time Up To Bat

Sorry for the baseball metaphor, that's where my mind is today.

Anyway, I got my very first cup yesterday; a Selene Lunette size 2 (yay Feminiewear for extremely fast service!). I decided to give a dry run today, as period ended at the beginning of this past week. Or so I thought, this morning I guess it decided it wasn't done or wanted to help me try out the new cup.

Insertion went fine; pretty easy but a new feeling indeed. The cup was bigger than expected, but didn't pose any problems. My only concern is getting it in all the way. The stem didn't stick out per say, but probably should be further inside of me. Maybe I'll just have to trim it. Taking it out was definitely a breeze, thanks to everyone who emphasized to break the seal to get it out--so much easier than trying to pull it out.

I will definitely say that it helps to know your body and be comfortable with your body. I'm not shy about mine and I've had to check my IUD strings every month for the last 6 months so I have gotten acquainted with my cervix.

So I guess there is a learning curve to this, huh? Its not that the cup is uncomfortable, but I can sort of feel it. It's not painful, just a little strange. I will definitely continue to give it a shot and just hope my body adjusts.

Thanks to this awesome community for all great support and advice!
Tags: dry run, first time use, iud

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