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Miacup Pictures!

I don't post regularly on here but I got my Miacup yesterday so I decided to post some pics.

I ordered it from Feminine Wear 1.5 weeks ago (It had to come from the UK to the US so the shipping time was pretty good)

It arrived in an international envelope that included the box (wrapped in plastic), some business cards, candy, and a pen.

Inside the box was an instruction sheet (just large folded piece of paper, not a book like the old models had), a discount card, and the cup inside its bag.

The bag is beautifully made. This is my 5th cup and this is by far the best bag. Its made of two layers of silk (grey bumpy satin on the outside and hot pink smooth satin on the inside). It has a fishtailed double drawstring.

Here's the cup, along with the inside of the bag:

I became interested in the cup because it seemed alot like the Divacup which is my goldilocks cup. In the picture they do look pretty different but its alot more like Divacup than some of my other cups (like Fluercup, Meluna, Ladycup)

I'm very pleased with it. It was definitely worth the extra money. Sadly I haven't gotten to see if it leaks, my period decided to stop as soon as the mail arrived.
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