SQ (phoenixsinking) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Diva Cup - first timer pain

Hello All,

So I bought the smaller Diva Cup. I'm 29, never had kids. I did however have a thin layer of my cervix removed when I was about 19 because I had a high number of white blood cells.

I tried the Diva Cup today and it caused me pain similar to pain I had in my cervix from healing after my surgery, or if my boyfriend hits my cervix the wrong way during intercourse (though that pain is usually just for a split second and doesn't linger).

I tried inserting the Diva Cup three different times earlier today. It caused me tremendous pain in my cervix. I finally just took it out but the pain is still there.

I inserted it using the "U" shaped method, I rotated it completely when it was half way in (because I couldn't when it was fully in) and I gently pushed it back towards my tailbone. I had to trim the stem a little because it doesn't go in very far before it becomes uncomfortable.

Should I be using a softer or smaller cup? I'm afraid I might be too small for the Diva Cup.

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