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Final decision

So auntie red has finally arrived, and I'm looking forward to this being my last period with tampons (hopefully), so now it's time to make a decision and just BUY one ! :D (excited grin)

EDIT : I finally ordered my gorgeous russian Cuplee in pale pink for an astonishing 50 bucks (36 USD + evil international banking fees). After much expectation and anguish waiting for the money transfer to work out, it HAS !! thanks to Mrs Lily @CupLee. Now it's just a shipping away. Hope my v-jay will love it too.


It's felt like a looong process, a few weeks of intense researching, drawing my own charts and reading through thousands of posts, but now I think I know better what I want and need, thanks to YOU amazing folks. Just wanted to post one more time really, to give you an account on my learning-about-cups-journey and say a big thanks to all of you who patiently reply to us nOObs. Sorry if this is too long, just don't bother with me, I have no idea how to cut my post. So here goes my cup-odyssey.

First I thought I needed to look on the longer end of the chart, because that's what my vagina is on "dry" days (7cm or more), BUT according to my last poking, cervix moved to little above 5 cm. 5.6, to pick a number (gosh I feel like a teenage boy right now lol). Of course that is without potential space around it.

So, I'm excluding the Diva, because it might just be too long and I'm inclined towards softer models, also excluding the Lunette because well, it seems to be a better fit for lower-cervixed people, the Green Donna because I couldn't get a hold of them after all, I've narrowed it to a few options : lg Fleur, Miacup, Meluna soft L or XL, and my personnal favourite large Cuplee (love the shape, love the softness love the colors &hearts). Tbh it's really down to Meluna vs. Cuplee (the two others just didn't look appealing /comfortable to me). I'm still waiting to know exactly how much the later is gonna cost, if I can avoid aditionnal fees that is.

I'm this close to order a Meluna, given they are so cheap. BUT I'm still trying to weight the pros and cons on which size to pick... It seems the XL length is close to ideal for me, but I'm a little worried about its diameter (part of the reason for not choosing some of the other brands lg model too). I mean, I'm pretty sure I could insert it trouble-free, but what about that extra-soft-width being crushed inside my body ? will it still form a seal ? I know some ppl NEED the width, but I'm 24, child-free, not a big sports fan but still.
Then there is that story about lg soft melunas being difficult to pop open, which even the company says so... once again, any opinions on that ? Oh and do the colored ones really stink (no glittery available on their site) ? could you get rid of it ?

Finally, a big plus for purchasing with Meluna is their practice to give an extra one for free. But how exactly does that work, do you send them a desperate e-mail first, suggesting you can't choose between two models (which I could definitely do) or do you just order and hope for the best ? Thing is, I'm not interested in trying a stiff model, no thanks.

I will of course gladly take any experienced opinion about my choice, please forgive me if I ruled out your favourite cup, with Diva, Fleur and Lunette I KNOW I have, it's just my personnal, unexperienced feeling about them really. And some price-related issues too.
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, cup lee, meluna - soft, sizes/size issues

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