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Hymen woes

Hello everyone!

I've decided to get a menstrual cup and have run into a problem. A little background: I'm 22, haven't had sex, my cervix is about 5cm (2 inches) in (+/- a few mm) on the first day of my period, and I've read the virgin's guide and looked over the size charts (and many posts here) so I know roughly what sort of thing I'll need, and about relaxing PC muscles and such.

Problem is, when I was finding my cervix, I noticed that my hymen seemed rather...sturdy. Getting two fingers in was uncomfortable and I stopped before getting in further than the nail because of it. I know it isn't my PC muscles tensing up - I know what that feels like. I saw on other posts some people were advising masturbation to help loosen things up a little, but that really doesn't do anything for me (my libido is non existent and the couple of times I tried out of curiosity nothing happened at all), so that really isn't an option.
I am going to be working on stretching it, but I was wondering the best way to just break/tear the thing to make using a cup easier (I saw other accounts of it helping). I'm asexual so it isn't likely it's going to get broken with sexual activities, and going to the doctor is out of the question (really really don't want anyone going down there). Anyone have any advice?

EDIT: Also, if I can't stretch it that much, what kind of cup would be better to use for a narrow opening? Softer? Narrower? Which brands have smaller rim sizes? Apologies for all the questions!
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