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A few questions

So, I'm a 21-year-old virgin, and just bought a DivaCup the other day (small, obviously). I actually had the opposite reaction that a lot of virgins seem to have when they see the cup for the first time - it was much smaller than I'd imagined!

I have no trouble inserting two fingers without lube - it's a bit tight, but not painful or uncomfortable.  I did a dry run with the cup the day I got it, and tried the punchdown fold twice, could insert it easily, but it would not open up.  I tried the C fold, and that was a bit tougher to insert, and it partially opened up - it didn't form a seal or anything. I couldn't turn it - I've heard that that is necessary to form the seal. Does anyone have any tips on how to twist it? I could get a hold of the base, but couldn't move it in one direction or another.

When I went to remove it that time, it popped my cherry (good riddance). I have no idea if it really tore or just damaged slightly, but it did bleed (about a tablespoon or so), didn't hurt that bad, just stung a bit.

Anyway, my question with that is, do I have to wait for my hymen to heal before trying again?  How long does that take, usually?  Also, I started birth control pills this month, so I will probably spot a bit within the next week or so, so I'd like to more or less figure it out by then. I don't want to waste a pad on a few spots of blood.

I do plan to eventually buy a cloth pad as backups instead of disposables, but I can only afford one thing at a time, and I've got a nearly-full package of pads to work through anyway.

I also went out and bought a saucepan to boil it in. It's about 8 inches in diameter and 3.5 inches deep - is that enough? It only cost me $0.81 since the thrift store was having a half off sale, so I don't mind buying another if it is, that can just become a cooking pot.
Tags: divacup, dry run, first time use, hymen, insertion - folding methods, popping open, virginity

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