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hmm, my cups haven't arrived yet

well while Fleurcup was having a sale on their site a few weeks ago, i ordered the product that had 2 lrg clear fleurcups as a part of the deal. then i went on to add them to my basket(US english site) and i went through all the paypal steps to pay for it. one thing i did was update the quanitity to 2 orders of it, making it 4 lrg clear cups i would be getting because they were going for such a good price. i paid with my account and whatever and it processed it, and i checked it a day ago and it said that the transaction was completed when i did it. that was around august 2nd. it's september 1st now and they're still not here :( i live in the US, Colorado to be exact. i usually buy the fleurcups on and i've noticed they removed it from being ordered from that site now :(. this is the first time i bought directly through the French company site or whatever. i'm worried they took and money and nothing is coming to me, or maybe it's having a hard time getting through customs? or maybe it's just taking this long since i live in the US? idk but i hope they come soon.
Tags: customer service, fleurcup

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