sukiyakii (sukiyakii) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Using it for catching discharge

For some reason, I get a huge amount of discharge. Like, so much that sometimes when I take my panties off, a thick string of clear discharge can be seen connecting between my vagina and the panties. If I don't wear a liner, my panties would get uncomfortably damp and would smell strongly of bread or something after a while.

I don't have yeast infection; I took medicine for it and I still had the same thing happening regardless. There's no itching or redness or fishy smells. I read up on it and it seems a lot of people have the same problem and that it's just something that's different for everyone. Some people have little discharge, others have a lot.

So I wore my green donna today because I was sick of handwashing my panties every night and lo and behold, when I took it out, it was like a small cup of slime!

Anyway, I wanted to ask you all if it's okay to wear a cup constantly to catch discharge. Does anyone also have this problem and are there any ways to lessen the amount of discharge? I don't know if it's because I'm in my most fertile years or something, but I really think this puts a... damper on things. /bad pun
Tags: continuous use

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