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Meluna Soft XL

My last cycle, after a few months of post birth control amenorrhea, I really noticed the problems with my Keeper Moon Cup Small. Lots of leaking at night, no longer enough capacity, too high to easily reach.. those were the main problems, some of them being changes in my cycle after quitting the hormonal birth control. So, I started researching, and chose to purchase a soft Meluna in the XL size from Feminine Wear. While I have only used it for a dry run so far, it was not difficult to open, not too large (I'm 17, not virgin, not sexually active), and very, very comfortable (the only discomfort was from trying to get low enough to sit on the toilet with my injured back). I'm happy with it. I will tell you about my experiences with it during my next period, but I just wanted to let everyone know that you really should just look at the size charts instead of going by the demographics. Everyone is very different.

Thanks to everyone for all their help!

Tags: brand comparisons, diagrams & pictures, dry run, keeper moon cup, meluna - soft, success stories, where to buy

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